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It is a visualization software for large networks. Based on the graph theory, it is able to visualize a graph such as a network in a most informative and efficient way.


kicad is software for generating electronic circuits. One thing that kicad does, that I find convenient and useful is that you can just plug in the results from a simulation into the schematic and it will build the schematic with the correct voltage reference.
It is based on the Cadence Virtuoso circuit design package. The results are stored in a way that you can just paste them into the schematic editor (that also has an integrated simulator). They are also stored as a file that can be imported in an equivalent circuit simulator (such as SPICE). So you can take your results from your simulator and paste them into kicad to build a schematic.


The free software for reverse engineering of applications, also known as Application Path Tracing Analysis is a reverse engineering and static analysis software. It works on Windows, MacOS X, Linux, Android, iOS and other Unix-like systems.
APTANA’s graphical interface is able to graphically display the control flow of the application. It can analyze the functions of the source code and identify all the activities and object operations within the functions. The results can be plotted in Gantt chart.
The software can generate AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) from the C/C++ and Java sources.
It can generate detailed report to provide the information of the function, constructor, instantiation, exception, variable, and memory blocks.

Like IDA but that can help you analyze an application and also helps to generate the code.

Ttrace from UCB:
UCB offers the tool TRACE, which is a non-intrusive tracing tool that can automatically analyse applications that are running on a server to record the execution paths and statistics on call sites, synchronization blocks and code paths.
Trace has been developed to meet the needs of software developers working on many operating systems. The goal is to facilitate analysis of execution flows and increase the efficiency of development.

OpenPajek Crack

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OpenPajek Full Product Key Free

OpenPajek is a network analysis software that aims to be an open source replacement to proprietary software such as Pajek or UCINET. Its core is igraph, a robust and efficient C library for analyzing networks.
It can be used to help understand how micro behavior of the individual nodes yields to important changes in the global structure of the network.
Get OpenPajek and give it a try to see for yourself just how useful it can be for network analysis.
OpenPajek Features:
-Graph Creation: Create and read graphs from a variety of formats including CGraph, GraphML, TGraph, etc.
-Graph Analysis: Analyze large graphs, find clusters, community detection, etc.
-Network Analysis: Conduct a variety of analysis from degree distributions, to clustering, etc.
-Outputs: Export graph to GraphML, Image, HTML, SPSS, Pajek, LaTeX, etc.
-Tutorials: Learn how to analyze a variety of complex real-world networks in detail.
-Programming language: C, C++, R, Java, Python, Matlab, Perl, etc.
-Various: Build your own graphs, save and load graphs, etc.
It is designed to help researchers, educators and developers gain a better understanding of the functionality of the networks. It is also used by companies to analyze and store large amounts of data.
Download OpenPajek:
Download OpenPajek at:
Special thanks:
Thanks to everyone that has donated to my Open Source Software Funding Project.
Without you none of this would be possible.
Thanks to N. Gal and J. Lehtonen for making this software available on
Thanks to Joel E. Pearce for creating OpenPajek in the first place.
Thanks to Ken Bowersock for his valuable feedback.
Thanks to the contributors for making this project a reality!
Changes Log:
Release 0.9.6:
For this version I have updated the documentation and released a documentation bundle that contains the documentation for each module.
I have also fixed some issues with the software and made some improvements.
Release 0.

What’s New in the OpenPajek?

OpenPajek is a Network Analysis Software that aims to be a free replacement of proprietary packages like Pajek and UCINET.
OpenPajek is based on igraph, a robust and efficient C library for analyzing networks. OpenPajek is very much a general purpose network analysis software and is especially useful when network data is too large to analyze with commercial software.
It is the network analysis software of choice for those who want to use and interact with social and communication networks.
With OpenPajek, you can use any graph visualization software you want like D3, JGraph, GraphViz, GraphTheory, and others.
Its primary function is to help understand how micro behavior of the individual nodes yields to important changes in the global structure of the network.
OpenPajek provides interactive visualizations of network data and creates network graphs easily and dynamically.
With OpenPajek, you can build networks for your research using your network data and then analyze them with Pajek.
OpenPajek provides functionalities to analyze social networks, communication networks, and many others.
It also provides network metrics which include centrality measures like k-core, k-shell, betweenness, closeness, stress, clustering coefficient, diameter, and a number of others.
It also provides static network visualization capabilities including node degree visualization, shortest path visualization, cluster visualization, k-core visualization, diameter visualization, etc.

OpenPajek Basic Features:
1. OpenPajek has a Graph Explorer mode that allows users to easily explore large networks by visualizing the network as a graph.
2. It provides a network metrics module that enables the user to calculate various network metrics like betweenness, degree, stress, closeness, etc.
3. It provides a graph metrics module that allows users to calculate various graph metrics like degree, path length, etc.
4. It provides an interactive visualization module that can be used to interactively visualise the network as a graph, it can also be used to visualise network metrics.
5. It has a network visualization module that can be used to create various static and dynamic graphs to help researchers analyse their data.
6. It can calculate various centrality measures like betweenness, closeness, k-core, stress, k-shell, etc.
7. It provides a user interface that allows you to select and annotate nodes and edges.
8. It provides a node attribute view which allows you to quickly analyse data and visualise it in a quick and easy way.
9. It has a parser that allows you to import network files such as Edge List, GraphML, GraphViz, DOT, UCINET and Pajek files.
10. It has a number of pre-defined network visualizations and network metrics.
11. It is written in C++ and based on igraph

System Requirements For OpenPajek:

OS: Windows 7 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K (3.1 GHz) or AMD FX-9590 (3.5 GHz) or Intel Core i7-3770 (3.4 GHz) or AMD FX-9370 (4.2 GHz)
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 460 2 GB or Radeon HD 4870 (1 GB)
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 15 GB available space

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