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Probate, Trust or Estate Administration

We can help by providing services to heirs to settle an estate, or administer trusts.  We can help heirs, executors, trustees and other fiduciaries understand what is required and how to best meet their obligations.

After a loved one passes away, it is necessary to work to pay their final bills and transfer their assets as intended.  We can help you by providing cost-effective legal advice on administering estates and trusts.  We can also help transfer property that passes through a trust or outside of probate.

Our experience allows us to help our clients with the various issues that may arise in administering estates and trusts.  We can help you settle issues of claims from creditors, statutory claims from family members, and property rights in the asset of an estate or trust.

If you have been designated as a personal representative for a Minnesota estate, it can be extremely helpful to have the advice of an experienced trust, probate and estate lawyer.

We can help advise you in meeting your legal obligations as you settle and distribute the estate.

Business Law

We can help by advising on business formation issues.  William Scholes assists clients in selecting the appropriate corporate entity and tax structures.  With changes in tax law occurring at a more frequent rate, it is important to get good advice on the proper corporate structure to minimize taxes in your business.

Once your business has been established, we can help it grow.  William Scholes regularly advise clients on mergers, acquisitions, distribution and sales agreements. William Scholes Law’s practice also includes confidentiality agreements and non-competition agreements. We can help your company by advising you on corporate legal compliance issues.

William Scholes Law firm also help our corporate clients with human resource issues.  Our goal is to help our clients avoid litigation by working to complying with the various state and federal law regulating the employment relationship.

Business Succession Planning

We can help individuals and families who own businesses.

The long-term viability of a business depends on a plan for orderly succession.  If a closely held corporation or family business were to lose key people, a succession plan is essential.  We can help by advising clients on succession planning.

We can help you develop a succession plan and to help protect your estate and business from costly legal disputes.  Our estate planning experience and practice in business and tax law gives us the breadth of knowledge and offer of sound advice.

Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

We can help with disputes between owners and businesses of all sizes.  We help our clients craft strategies that accomplish their objectives to resolve their disputes.

Most business disputes can be resolved through negotiation.  However, when business disputes must be litigated, we can help.  Our experience in litigation will help you to resolve business disputes between owners in a cost-effective manner.


Derivative and Fiduciary Duty Litigation.  We represent individual shareholders, officers, and directors in all aspects of derivative and fiduciary duty litigation.  These types of business disputes often involve defending and prosecuting claims that an officer or director breached his or her fiduciary duties to the company, engaged in actions of “self-dealing,” or appropriated corporate opportunities for themselves.

Minority Shareholder Litigation.  We represent shareholders when disagreements arise between shareholders.  Generally the issue of whether the majority owner has abused their control over the corporate affairs to the detriment of the minority owners.  Disagreements can also arise when family members in the business and other minority owners get “squeezed out” or fired from their employment.  We have a substantial practice representing minority owners of various businesses to ensure that the majority owner does not deprive the minority owner of the profits to which he or she is entitled by law.

Employment law

We can help you in the complex relationships between employers and employees.

Employers – We Can Help You Avoid Costly Litigation

We help our business clients in legal regulatory compliance matters.  We work to prevent disputes. We can assist you in drafting employment and noncompetition agreements and offer a comprehensive review of your current employment practices at a reasonable cost.

Employees – We Can Help You Understand and Enforce Your Employment Rights

We can help you with your employment law issues.  Employers have attorneys to advise them before they act or respond.  You should too.

We can help you with wage and hour claims.  We also represent clients in wrongful termination, harassment, whistle-blower and retaliation claims.

Estate, Trust and Inheritance Litigation

We can help when heirs have disputes about estates, or the management of trusts.  William Scholes represents heirs, beneficiaries and creditors in contested cases.  Trust and estate litigation demands attorneys that are familiar with the unique procedures in probate court, as well as the unique legal and financial issues involved in these cases.

We can help clients with the following types of cases:

  • Will contests;
  • Forcing proper accounting and distributions of an estate or trust;
  • Lawsuits on behalf of or defending trustees, personal representatives and other fiduciaries;
  • Lawsuits involving payable on death or beneficiary designations;
  • Lawsuits involving disputes to the property or business in the estate or trust.

We also represent creditors seeking payments of debts owed by a decedent.

Estate Planning

Attorney William Scholes can help you with your estate plan.  Our estate planning focuses on the needs of our clients in providing a clear estate plan that addresses estate and gift tax consequences, maps out asset protection, future distribution of assets, personal care and the well-being of loved ones.

Proper planning can ease the burden on your loved ones after your death.  In planning estates, we focus on cost-effective solutions that meet our clients’ goals.  Each estate plan is designed to meet the individual needs of the client.

We can help you by crafting solutions to meet your needs.  We have experience in estate plans ranging from simple wills to advanced tax planning estate plans.  We incorporate strategies to avoid probate, and use cost-effective methods of transitioning assets from one generation to the next.

We look forward to developing long term relationships with all of our clients.